Below are some nice things that clients, previous employers and professionals have to say about me.
I had successfully been running my own business for a few years, but the time had come for me to receive some assistance in maintaining my client relationships. After long research, I found Essenza Virtual PA online.I couldn't be happier with Martina's service. Her years of expertise and knowledge have quickly become an important and essential asset in my company, and I can already see considerable improvements. Martina is passionate about what she does, always keen to go that extra mile to improve my customer service, manage my client's schedules and stay on top of the admin. I highly recommend Martina's VA service.
Edoardo Zollo, Psychotherapist
Martina was my VA between July 2007 and June 2014. I asked her to take care of all the administrative aspects of my Company and I certainly could not have made a better choice.She put in place a highly efficient admin system which allowed her to take care of my clients, suppliers and service providers in a very competent way, as well as offering great support to me as Personal Assistant. During the time she worked with me, my Company reached far more credibility and my sales increased dramatically. I had never come across such spirit of initiative, honesty and dedication from a collaborator. I could ask Martina to handle complex problems even in my absence, and I was always confident that she would find the best solution.I came to consider Martina not just as my Personal Assistant but as a real business partner.
Franco Gren, Director, Tuscany Italy Ltd
Martina is a wonderful PA. She is efficient, capable and understands what is important and needs attention. This is perhaps the most important talent for a PA. She has a broad experience of modern technology and can easily handle the demands placed on a modern secretary. As well as serving a PA role, she also was responsible for organizing many meetings. She did this apparently without effort, also providing a warm welcome for visitors to our Institute. In addition she coordinated international travel for a large number of staff (over 100), which again she organized with consummate ease.In summary Martina is an excellent secretary and PA. She looks after the needs of the person she supports and is reliable and efficient. She is one of the best
Professor Dame Janet Thornton CBE FRS, Former Director, The European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge
When you are the Director of an Institute or Research Centre, you tend to be concerned with the big picture: funding, cutting edge research, growth, strategic issues. Your mind is always on the go and you never seem to have a minute to yourself. That’s why having an excellent PA is of extreme importance. Martina was my PA for six years and her help was invaluable. She made sure that all the admin in the Director’s office ran smoothly, I didn’t have to worry about anything, as I knew all was taken care of, sometimes before I even thought about it.I can honestly say that whoever will make use of her services, is a very lucky individual.
Professor Paolo Zanella, Former President, CRS4 - Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia
Martina has been organizing our industry meetings for many years. The delegates came from all over Europe and travelled to the UK several times a year. Martina has always done an excellent job in handling registrations, ground transportation, accommodation, meeting logistics, etc. We've always felt very welcome, her professionalism and her kind personality, coupled with her sense of humour, made our visits to England a very pleasant experience. And I know, from talking to my other European colleagues, that they too felt that she was doing a wonderful job.
Nicolas Chalwatzis, Former Head of Bioinformatics Germany, Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt
I have had the pleasure of knowing Martina Munzittu for 8 years. During this time I have always been very impressed with her capabilities. She has demonstrated herself to be an excellent organizer of a variety of meetings, from small, hands-on workshops to international conferences with hundreds of delegates. These have always, from an attendee perspective, run extremely smoothly, even when there were, in actuality, crises behind the scenes; Martina can be relied upon to deal effectively and efficiently with difficulties, and works well under pressure. That she manages to achieve all this, whilst showing a happy personality to those she interacts with, is to be commended. I would not hesitate to recommend Martina to anyone looking for an assistant in any capacity.
Dr Wendy Filsell, Former Senior Informatician, Unilever Information Group
'I have ten years of experience with Martina - for most of them she worked as my PA. Don't waste your time looking for better. You'll fail. Martina is professionally superb. She read and understood everything that passed through her hands, sometimes kept the whole Organization on the rails. She handled all communications with immense charm. It was common-place when travelling to have people who'd only spoken to her once on the phone tell me how lucky I was to have her. Don't let her delightful Italian accent fool you into underestimating her English. The English language is a hobby and a passion for her. Her written English is perfect. If the complicated rules in our International Organization had allowed us to keep her, I can assure you she wouldn't be available to you now!'
Graham Cameron, Former Associate Director, The European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge
I have travelled to England many times for our industry meetings. It was great to know that everything was taken care of, and all we needed to be concerned about were the actual work discussions. Martina made everything so easy and simple for us, we just had to turn up, the rest was taken care of. We could not have wished for a better admin support: efficiency and a smile to welcome us.
Dr Bertram Weiss, Senior Scientist, Bayer Schering Pharma, Berlin
Need a multilingual PA? Need a superbly efficient assistant? Cannot cope and need help? Think Martina Munzittu. I have worked with Martina for over ten years and can attest to her abilities and efficiency. And there is a plus - she is very pleasant to work with.
Michael Ashburner, Former Professor of Biology, University of Cambridge
Imagine having an admin assistant who not only is extremely efficient, but she actually enjoys what she does. This is a winning combination in Martina, and it produces a fantastic end-result. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she always gets the job done. What more could you possibly want?
Dr Chris Jones, Former Scientific Manager at CERN, Geneva